Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) was established in 1961 for producing high quality graduates of scientific, managerial and professional competence in different fields of agricultural sciences. To keep pace with the rapid development of science in the world, we need to conduct quality research and modern sophisticated equipment is one of the key issues for this purpose. But due to financial constraints we were far behind the facilities of modern sophisticated equipment for different types of research in different departments. As most of the departments of BAU need some common laboratory equipment, so it is not economic to establish laboratories with all the necessary equipment in the different departments separately. In this sense, to fulfill the demand of the researchers of the university, the necessity of the establishment of a “Central Laboratory” with all required facilities was the dreem of the then Vice Chancellor Professor Muhammed Hussain. With this vision, this laboratory was established in 2000 by the direct supervision of Professor Muhammed Hussain. Just after initial establishment of this laboratory, Professor Muhammed Hussain died on a road mishap on 4 February 2000 on the way to Dhaka from Chittagong.  That time he was the sitting Vice Chancellor.  BAU families were very shocked on his sudden death and unanimously decided to declare the name of this laboratory as the “Professor Muhammed Hussain Central Laboratory”.  Subsequently on 244th BAU syndicate approved the name and office order issued on memo number: kv-1/wewea-8/92/347/ms¯’vcb, ZvwiL: 25.06.2009. Over the years, we have equipped Professor Muhammed Hussain Central Laboratory with the state-of-the-art apparatuses and facilities based on the requirement of the scientists and try to ensure the best use of these equipment. Our continuous cumulative effort now makes it possible to develop this laboratory as a unique. We believe quality research using these sophisticated equipment is now possible in this laboratory which help us to a step forward for the declaration of the university as a “Center of Excellence”.