Sample Preparation

1.Incubator (EHRET): Suitable for laboratories. Brand: EHRET Model: BK4029; Maximum temperature: 70oC;220 V, 50Hz, 200 W; Internal chamber size: largo-260 mm, ancho-400 mm, alto-300 mm; Total size: long-470 mm, wide-530 mm, high-600 mm.


2.Autoclave (ASTELL):



3.Incubated Shaker: This is a chamber type incubator, where Orbital and reciprocal shaking is possible. The 3 speed forced convention heating & cooling system provides uniform temperature regulation with no overshoot elementing potential sample damage. External refrigeration capabilities and integrated cooling is available in this incubated Shaker.

4.Homogenizer (Model FT9, Armfield, UK): It is particularly useful for disintegrating fat globules in milk, ice cream, and UHT dairy products. This homogenizer is also suitable for homogenizing or emulsifying many other mixtures including synthetic cream, sauces, salad cream, cosmetic and pharmaceutical emulsions, paints, textile and industrial emulsions and other food and chemical products.

6.Laminar Air Flow

7.Liquid Nitrogen Container

8.Water bath (1150 A VWR Poly Science, USA): Standard controller refrigerated and heating circulating bath is designed to provide precise temperature control of fluid for closed loop (pressure only) circulation to external equipment or to be used as a stand alone bath. The temperature range is -30 to 150ºC.