Measurement Section

1.Leaf Area Meter: The leaf area meter is used for rapid measurement of projected area of leaf samples. Data is presented on the light emitting diode (LED) display. Decimal location on the display is changed to suit the 1.0 or 0.1 mm2 resolution requirement.

2. Incubator binder: This instrument is used for sample drying and incubation. Temp. Range: 30oC- 100 oC.

3. Grain Moisture Meter: The grain moisture meter designed to check moisture levels in the following grains and hay: burly, coffee, corn, flex, hay, oats, rapeseed, rough rice, rye, sorghum, soybeans and wheat. The readings are on the average within ± 0.5% in the range 9 to 17 and ± 1.0% in the range 17 to 23.

4. Top Pan Balance (Mettler Toledo PL 601-S): Readability of 0.1 mg through to precision balances (pb-s) with a readability of 0.001g to 0.1g.

5. Analytical Balance (Model College B 154-S): Analytical balance with a readability of 0.1 mg through to precision balance with a readability of 0.001g to 0.1g. The weight ranges extended from 51g to 8.1kg.

6. Fat Extractor (Model J.P.Selecta): The Fat Extractor is used for fat extraction from plant or animal samples.

7. Magnetic Stirrer (JENWAY-1000): Preparation of culture media. Hot plate temperature >450oC and stirrer speed 0-2000 rpm.

8. Ice Maker (Cornelius NSF): The Ice maker produces ice for laboratory purpose only. The production capacity is 3kg/hr.


9. Cel-Grow Tissue Culture Rotator: The rotators can fit into and be operated in standard incubators for cultivation under controlled temperature conditions.

10. Electric Conductivity Meter: This device is portable and used to determine the the soil and water salinity.


11. TDS Meter: This device is portable and used to determine the total dissolved solids in water samples.

12. Micro Oven

13. Multi Parameter