Water purification unit

1.Distilled Water Plant (Barnstead  A 440518):This water plant is used to prepare grade 1 distilled water and supply in the different laboratories. 

2.De-ionized Water Plant (Barnstead D 8972-33): This water plant is used to prepare de-ionized water which is used in advanced research experimental purposes such as in HPLC.The product water is non-pyrogenic per U.S.P XIX and will have a resistively up to 1.7 mega ohm/cm. Pretreatment may be required to achieve>1.0 mega ohm/cm water. 

3.Incubator (Hot-Cold –M; JP Selecta):The hot cold incubators are designed for adjustable temperatures from 0ºC up to 60ºC. Digital temperature selector and reader with resolution of 0.1ºC.

4.Autoclave: The pressure indication is decisive for the operating conditions in the Autoclave. Available temperature range is 50-300oC and pressure range is 1-4 bar.