Biochemical section

1.Multi-scan Reader (Multiskan Ex): The Multiscan (Elisa) is an eight-channel vertical light path filter photometer designed to measure antibody titre. It comprises several software packages. Each package is a combination of measurement and calculation modes. The Multiskan has an internal memory comprising 6A assay programs. The wave length (400-750 nm or optional 340-750nm) is selected using maximum eight high quality interference filters held in a filter wheel.

2.Micro Plate Reader (Model Stat Fax 3200): This is a laboratory instrument intended for in-vitro diagnostic use. It is a compact microprocessor-controlled, multi-purpose photometer system designed to read and calculate the results of assays, which are read in micro titer plates.


3.Micro-Plate Shaker (Model Stat Fax 2200):The micro-plate shaker is a combination of incubator timer and shaker that accommodates two standard micro plates or strip trays. This micro-processor controlled instrument offers variable temperatures, times and mixing speeds via the keypad. A pulse mode is available. Temperatures may be set from room temperature to 40°C with a resolution of 0.1°C.


4.Electrolyte Analyzer (Model OPTI LION): The Electrolyte Analyzer is used for the determination of Sodium (Na), Potassium (K), Chloride (Cl-), Calcium (Ca) and pH of blood samples.