Molecular biology


1.ICPMS 2030 LF: The ICPMS-2030 is the first ICP-MS in the industry to include Assistant Functions that enable fast, easy method development and automatically detect and correct isobaric interferences. The system’s Development Assistant automatically selects the optimal mass and internal standard for the target elements, and suggests concentration ranges for calibration curves, allowing any user to develop reliable methods with ease. The Diagnosis Assistant identifies the presence or absence of mass interference based on qualitative analysis to quickly generate reliable results. It has a superior sensitivity in detecting various elements at low running costs. In a single run alomost 70 elements could be detected from various sources.


2. 3500 Genetic Analyze.The 3500 Genetic Analyzer is an 8-capillary sequencing instrument specifically designed to support the demanding performance needs of validated and process-controlled environments, while retaining the unsurpassed application versatility that life science researchers expect.


3. PCR Machine (T1-Thermocyler, Germany): This Thermocyler is designed to meet the highest standard of molecular biology laboratory, where multiplication of DNA fragment is done. It provides extremely high temperature ramping rates and unrivalled temperature uniformity. High ramping rates ensure specific reaction and the perfect temperature uniformity guarantees identical conditions in any position of the block.

4. Electrophoresis Unit (Model cleaver MP-300v): Vertical casting using the omni PAGE gel casting system for DNA, RNA and protein analysis. The maximum altitude 2000m, temperature range 4°C-65°C. Maximum relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31°C decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40°C.

5. UV-VIS Spectrophotometer T80 (Double beam): This spectrophotometer is double beam system with wave length 190-1100 nm, designed for quantitative determination of DNA, RNA, S, B, P, NO3 SO4 etc. There are four measurement modes: Photometric measurement, spectrum scanning, quantitative measurement and DNA/Protein analysis mode. It has eight standard cell position and can measure upto a maxium of 8 sample automatically.

6. Micro Centrifuge (IEC, Micromax-RF,USA):The vertical micro centrifuge is designed to use in medical, industrial and scientific laboratories for centrifuging/ separations (-9ºC to 40 ºC, 1000 to 15000 rpm) of DNA, RNA and other biological samples via centrifugal force.

7. Centrifuge (EBA-21, Hettich. Germany): Centrifuge is powerful and versatile not only in micro liter centrifugation. Equipped with a variable maintenance-free frequency drive central panel the centrifuge generates a maximum 6000 rpm.

8. Gel Documentation (UVP Bio Doc –IT, USA): The Bio Doc-IT system enables sample documentation of fluorescent and non- florescent gels, membranes, bolts, film plates and assays the quantitative analysis of DNA fragment, save images to disk for later publication.

9.Open Shaker (Model GFL 3017): The shaker is used for experimental samples shaking for timed (1minute to hours) runs or for continuous operation.

10. Gel Master Gel dryer vacuum system (Model Welch 1426):The Gel Master Gel dryer vacuum system condenses vapors to liquid form and continuously removes the liquid from the vacuum system. For efficient trapping, the heat setting on the gel dryer must be at least 50ºC. The microprocessor controlled vacuum heated Gel Drier (from ambient +5°C to 90°C with timer from 0 to 999/min) allows precise control. The gel is heated using a base plate and the vacuum removes the gel homogeneously.


11. Environmental Shaker (Model GFL 3031, Germany):This shaker is used under specified/preadjusted environmental conditions such as temperature range 19ºC-70°C, rpm 10-250.

12. Gel Documentation (SA-1000, Bio Science): This system enables sample documentation of fluorescent and non- florescent gels, membranes, bolts, film plates and assays the quantitative DNA fragment, save images and transfer through USB Port.